Quality Self Storage Jacksonville Fl

There are certain factors that you need to look out for when opting for self storage Jacksonville Fl. These factors can mean the difference between the safety and security of your stored goods or the loss and destruction of your property.

1. Security

Security is of the utmost importance at a storage facility. Access needs to be restricted and the grounds and facilities should be patrolled and monitored 24 hours a day. Electric perimeter fencing and an alarm system that is activated when unauthorized access to the property or the units is gained is important. A security system that alerts the police or an armed response team is ideal.

2. Safety

Each storage unit should lock-up individually and the facility should allow you to place your own locks on the unit to ensure that only you can enter the unit without breaking the locks. Every unit, regardless of size, should be self-contained and be secure against the elements of Mother Nature such as wind, rain, hail. Remember that even the smallest amount of moisture in the unit can cause immeasurable damage (rust, mold, damp) to your stored goods.

Fire control measures should also be in place with smoke alarms that automatically activate a sprinkler or fire suppression system. It is important not to store goods that are dangerous, hazardous or inflammable in order to maintain the safety of the storage facility.

3. Insurance

It is a good idea to check that your goods are covered by your current insurance while in storage. For example, if you are storing your car, your auto insurance policy may provide cover for theft or damage. Household goods may be covered by your household insurance policy. However, these insurance providers may request proof of the security and safety measures taken by the storage facility before cover will be extended.

If you are not covered, a short term insurance policy that will provide cover for loss or damage to your stored goods is advisable, especially if the goods will be stored on a long term basis or for a period longer than a couple of months. The storage facility may provide you with short term insurance options or information on how to get this type of insurance.

4. Restricted Access And Privacy

The storage facility should restrict access to employees, storage unit holders and new clients only. Any other person entering the facility should need to provide a reason to be there and should be accompanied while on the premises. Police and other government officials may not search or seize property placed in a storage unit unless they have a warrant and the facility employees should refuse access until such a document can be produced.

Remember that it is up to you to check on your goods in storage on a regular basis to ensure that everything is safe and secure. Due to the climate, it is a good idea to visit the self storage Jacksonville Fl at least once a month and report any damage or loss of property to the management.